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Marketing tips for estate agents

A successful marketing strategy is arguably an estate agent's most potent weapon. Getting the word out about your agency is key to driving more leads and increasing brand awareness. For many agents, however, finding the marketing sweet spot is time-consuming and, if we're being honest, a little c... Read More

profile-image | Tue 25th October | All things Offr

How much should I offer for a home?

Buying a home (and selling one) can be a complicated process. The majority of us aren’t top-notch negotiators experienced in the art of striking a deal. This can make buying a house tricky, especially as the figures involved are so high. If you’re spending hundreds and thousands of pounds, you wa... Read More

profile-image | Thu 1st September | Buying a home

What should you consider before making an offer on a house?

Making an offer on a house is a big step, whether you're a first-time buyer or not. Any purchase that requires hundreds and thousands of pounds needs careful consideration. Plus, if home is where the heart is, the last thing anyone wants is to buy a place they're not totally in love with. That's ... Read More

profile-image | Thu 1st September | Buying a home

What makes a good estate agent?

Unless buying yachts and helicopters is something you do in your spare time, purchasing a home will likely be the most expensive transaction you’ll ever make. It’s not a decision to take lightly, and the right help and support can prove vital for making smart decisions. This is where a good estat... Read More

What is a buying agent, and do you need one to make an offer?

While estate agents act as intermediaries between vendors and buyers, they aren't really neutral. The vendor is the one paying for the services of the estate agent, which means there's an expectation that the agent works for them. An estate agent's job is to get the best price for their client.&n... Read More

Making an offer on a future home: what you need to know

No pressure, but making an offer on a house will probably be one of the most important things you ever do. Again, no pressure. In truth, going through the offer stage doesn’t need to be a stressful experience (you can save that for moving day) if you know how to approach this essential stage in t... Read More

A nail biting online auction

An auction can be exciting at the best of times... throw in a house with subsidence, a seller in Australia and the agent in the UK!Martin Bond Auctioneers recently ran a nail biting online auction with all the above thrown into the mix. The seller who is living in Australia and had been renting o... Read More

profile-image | Tue 23rd November | Auction

The evolution of the ‘on-the-go agent’

Where is the industry today? Though the real estate industry has been building on the momentum of technological advances for some time now, the pandemic and subsequent shift to virtual working has accelerated the demand and need for technology in the industry. Real estate agencies have been ... Read More

Offr is a member of the REACH UK Class of 2021.

We are proud to announce that Offr is one of only seven companies participating in the inaugural REACH UK accelerator program. Second Century Ventures is the strategic arm of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and manages the REACH program across five international markets. Supported by t... Read More

Auction Glossary

Are you selling a property by online auction? Here are some of the common terms you should know. Auction Glossary TermsWe have compiled the following list of property auction terms with a simple explanation to help you understand the terminology being used in an auction sale.  Unco... Read More

profile-image | Wed 13th January | Auction

Agent's admin significantly reduced by Offr's viewing system.

Artis Real Estate is a progressive estate agency operating in Dublin, with a speciality in residential and commercial property. On November 20, they were facing new restrictions set out by the government to reduce the number of COVID cases. Due to these new restrictions, the way buyers look to bu... Read More

profile-image | Fri 23rd October | Auction

A record price per acre set by Donegal auctioneer and brand new innovation sees land in Meath sell for €2.5 million

Sean Fureys is a respected family run business operating since 1982 on the scenic Inishowen Peninsula, with a speciality in insurance and property. On 20 August 2020, they faced a major obstacle. An auction of 7 lots of agricultural land was scheduled to take place in the local hotel on September... Read More

profile-image | Fri 23rd October | Auction

A brand new innovation to sell agricultural land on Offr succeeds resulting in a €2.5m sale

Raymond Potterton is a respected estate agency operating since 1991 in Navan, with a speciality for agricultural, residential and commercial property. On 13 September 2020, they faced a major problem. An auction of 196 acres of farmland was scheduled to take place in a local car park on Sept... Read More

profile-image | Fri 23rd October | Auction

Case Study: How Charles McCarthy Estate Agents ran an online auction with only 7 days notice with the help of Offr

Charles McCarthy is a respected estate agency operating since 1956 in picturesque West Cork, with a speciality for spectacular coastal properties. On 20 August 2020, they suddenly faced a major problem. An auction of a popular seaside property was scheduled to take place in the local hotel in jus... Read More

profile-image | Fri 18th September | Auction

September Auctions

We have several auctions taking place this month from Artis, Sherry Fitzgerald and more to be confirmed. Here is a bit more information on the auctions if you'd like to watch on the day. 03/09/2020 Sherry Fitzgerald O'Leary Kinsella Cranacrower, County Wexford, Y25 EA09, Ireland: Click here ... Read More

profile-image | Thu 3rd September | Auction

A strategic approach to online auction sales for estate agents

Here is 6 strategic tips to help you create get the most from your online auction Review the property to see if it's a good asset to bring to auction. As auctions attract bidders that are looking for a potential profit in a turnkey property. You can bring any property to an auction but the sellin... Read More

A strategic approach to private treaty sales for estate agents

Set Buyer Questions Discover more about your prospects before they place their offer. Proof of Funds and ID is collected in advance to make sure the buyer is a suitable candidate to place an offer. Once they are approved they will be vetted further to help the agent make an informed decision when... Read More

Delight customers with 3 new exciting features

Integrate your 3D virtual toursWorking remotely shouldn’t put an end to interacting with your customers. By integrating 3D virtual tours you can create an always-open house which is perfectly staged 100% of the time. This will enable you to showcase properties remotely and help to drive greater i... Read More

Sherry FitzGerald John Rohan online auction, powered by Offr

Sherry FitzGerald John Rohan brought to market a prime investment property located conveniently to Poleberry, Waterford. The property comprised of 6 apartments being sold in one lot by online auction, which was powered by Offr. The apartments are fully occupied, with a total rental income of €57,... Read More

profile-image | Fri 27th March | Auction

Buying a property at an online auction

Whether you are buying a property for the first time, upgrading to a larger property or investing in a buy-to-let, an auction can be a great option to acquire a house, apartment or office. The opportunities and benefits associated with an online auction are significant, however, the finer legal d... Read More

profile-image | Mon 23rd March | Auction

We’ve Redesigned the Offr Platform With You in Mind

Today is an exciting day at Offr, as we just released a redesign of our platform. Offr, as we like to say, is a software used to turn an agent's visual site to transactional. It is designed to help agents manage their workflows, sell property on their own website and to speed up the time it takes... Read More

Why should I use the Offr platform for property transactions?

Offr providing a swift digital experience for property sales on desktop and mobile, via the agent's website. Here are 10 reasons why you as a stakeholder in the property transaction should use the Offr platform. 1) It sits on your website and in your branding. The Offr button and panel ... Read More

Top tips for buying at an online auction

If you plan on bidding in an Auction you need to be prepared. We have outlined a list of must dos before the auction day.1) Get your finances in order:Have your finances in place prior to bidding. This will allow you to properly budget for the property. It’s good to assume that the property will ... Read More

profile-image | Thu 20th February | Auction

What are the benefits of holding a property auction online?

For buying enthusiasts nowadays, nothing is more appealing than buying or selling property online from the luxury and convenience of their own home while using a smartphone or laptop. The benefits of buying and selling on the internet are endless as the entire process is seamless and more appeali... Read More

profile-image | Tue 18th February | Auction