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Agent's admin significantly reduced by Offr'e viewing system.

profile-image | Fri 23rd October | Auction

Artis Real Estate is a progressive estate agency operating in Dublin, with a speciality in residential and commercial property. On November 20, they were facing new restrictions set out by the government to reduce the number of COVID cases. Due to these new restrictions, the way buyers look to buy property changed overnight, with viewings heavily restricted and physical auctions prohibited. With the sudden change in rules, Artis saw an incredible level of demand for viewings prior to lockdown. 

The Offr viewing system aloud the buyers book or request a viewing from anywhere at any time. The buyer no longer needed to wait for office opening hours and back and forth on multiple time slots. Buyers, sellers and agents will instantly receive a notification when a booking is made. And if the viewing needs to be amended all parties will be notified. Eliminating hours of admin and leg work.