- Property Properly

Delight customers with 3 new exciting features

Integrate your 3D virtual tours

Working remotely shouldn’t put an end to interacting with your customers. By integrating 3D virtual tours you can create an always-open house which is perfectly staged 100% of the time. This will enable you to showcase properties remotely and help to drive greater interest in a property.


Youtube videos can now be added to the Offr panel for buyers to view whilst reviewing the property features. Visual content such as videos will help engage buyers and enhance their experience with the property.


Make connections with your customers through our game-changing technology. From the Offr panel, an estate agent can now stream live directly to potential purchasers during an auction from anywhere in the world.

Assess interest

Buyers will be able to experience these features directly through the Offr panel. We will track how many buyers have accessed each, providing you with the data you need to reach a wider audience and close on properties faster.