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The Offr button
The legal tab

The legal document vault gives solicitors the ability to upload legal documents at the pre marketing stage. Buyers can access the documents prior to making an offer. Sellers and agents receive instant notifications.

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

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How Offr is benefiting agents

Display of esatate agent website and the registration process for buyers in advance of an auction.

Bring customers to your website

Offr permite que os compradores a fazer ofertas privadas, oferta em leilões, visões livro, à prova de envio de fundos, download de documentos legais e até mesmo digitalmente assinar contratos usando DocuSign - e todos através de um botão que vai sentar-se diretamente em seu site.
Full transparency between the estate agent, seller and solicitor as they collaborate and communicate via the Offr software.

Mostrar a sua marca

Estate agent customising the Offr button to showcase their brand, colours and currency.
KYC documents allow estate agents to quickly identify the most attractive bidder for their client

Build connections

Offr quebra as barreiras entre todas as partes interessadas, permitindo a colaboração transparente e comunicação contínua.
Property for sale on the estate agent's site via auction with a guide price of €688,000.

Supported transaction types

Escolha Tratado Privada, leilão ou propostas fechadas. É muito cedo para decidir? Offr proporciona a flexibilidade para que você possa determinar o que funciona melhor. Comece por ajuste directo, avaliar o nível de interesse e alterne para leilão ou propostas seladas para fechar a venda
The technology softwares used to ensure certainty of sale for the estate agent.

Certainty of sale

Proof of funds in advance, contracts and title in advance, deposit in advance; binding, digitally signed contract in seconds. What's not to like?
Laptop view of the automated emails which eliminate hundreds of man-hours for the estate agent.

Automated emails & alerts

Substitua centenas de homens-horas de comunicações manuais repetitivas. O que lhe permite ganhar mais negócios, conhecer mais pessoas e propriedades de valor mais.

Commercial agents

Se você está procurando para fornecer um serviço de ponta para seus clientes, enquanto agilizando seus próprios processos de negócios, descobrir como você pode trabalhar com Offr hoje.

Commercial Agents learn more

Manage all your properties in one comprehensive admin system.

Behind your Offr button on your website, there is a dashboard for managing all of your properties. Accept viewing requests, accept offers, verify documents and keep on top of your properties in one place.

https://cdn.offr.ioView of the various agent dashboard pages and the comprehensive admin system integrated into the Offr estate agent software.

What agents are saying...

"We have recently started to working with Offr.io in January 2021, our vision is to be able to provide a full auction experience to our clients without the need to use an external auction provider. Offr captured our interest as being a start up company in the UK but well established in the Irish market. Peter made the initial introduction to the company and at that moment we believed in the product from his passion of the technology available. I met with Robert, Phil and Peter over a Zoom call due to restrictions and the demo received was simply fantastic! Following the demo we agreed a trial period with Offr which we are still in the process. I personally use the system daily and find it easy, adaptable, modern and the support from all the team has been impeccable. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to branch away from their current auction provider to speak with Offr. Offr enables more control of your clients without losing any of the process or reliability. We look forward to a long successful working relationship with Offr."

Lee Smith