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Faire une offre, une offre dans une vente aux enchères

Offr enables buyers to make private offers or bid in auctions through the Offr button that sits on the agent’s website. Agents can invite buyers, approve and accept offers and digitally sign contracts all through this one little button.

When an offer is placed a reference ID and timestamp is associated with each bid for transparent bidding

Open and transparent bidding solution.

A large portion of buyers and sellers think that \'fake bids\' are a problem. Offr provides much needed transparency by verifying all buyers before they place an offer.
purchasers are automatically updated via email when there is activity on the property including when a new bid is placed

Automated alerts

No one is left in the dark with automated email alerts as soon as an offer is made on a property. This allows buyers to place counter offers quickly at anytime day or night.
KYC documents allow estate agents to quickly identify the most attractive bidder for their client

Manage and accept offers

Agents can quickly compare offers side by side and accept the offer that best suits the seller.
deposits can be taken by credit/ debit card or manual when the successful bidders offer has been accepted

Deposits paid online using Stripe

We facilitate quick and secure payment of deposits through Stripe directly into the Agent\'s account.
When the deposit is collected agents can send out the sales advice notice and the contract to be signed digitally

Numériquement signer des contrats en utilisant DocuSign

Contracts signed and witnessed from any location, on any device, using the world’s leading, most accepted and trusted secure digital signature.

Comment ça marche

Placer les offres avec Offr est facile.

permet aux acheteurs de placer leurs offres de manière transparente en ligne en vous inscrivant à Offr tout en donnant un aperçu complet des vendeurs d'activité

1. Créer un compte

Utilisez votre e-mail ou les comptes de médias sociaux pour vous inscrire.

Buyers can be reassured that their documents are secured in a document vault for safekeeping.

2.Upload client AML documents

Buyers can upload Photo ID, Proof of Address and any other documentation that’s required.

through the Offr panel, buyers can adjust their offer using the plus and minus panels while viewing current offers on the property

3. Place an Offer

Submit an offer securely, anytime, anyplace, on any device.

Purchasers can pay the booking deposit by stripe or manual payment process when registering for an auction.

4. Successful Buyer

Once a buyer has been accepted deposits can be paid by CC, SEPA via Stripe

A memorandum page for the contract is generated to outline the details of the sale and sent for signing.

5. Contract Echange

All parties can digitally sign the contract using Docusign

What agents are saying...

Liam Hardagen

In today’s connected age, offering prospective buyers the ability to place offers online is a game changer. Vendors and agents have sight of all offers placed with the respective conditions of each buyer. This allows both parties to make a better informed decision on the best course of action.

Liam Hardagen
Jordan Auctioneers, Newbridge
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