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Offr uses innovative technology that enables buyers to make offers, book viewings, download legal documents and even digitally sign contracts using Docusign and all through a button that sits on an Agent's website!

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The Offr button
The legal tab

The legal document vault gives solicitors the ability to upload legal documents at the pre marketing stage. Buyers can access the documents prior to making an offer. Sellers and agents receive instant notifications.

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

Vault info / benefit

Description about vault info

How Offr is creating a painless buying experience

All bids and offers registered on the Offr panel to ensure transparency in the sale.

Transparent process

50% of people think that fake bids are a problem in Ireland. Offr provides much needed transparency by verifying all buyers before they place an offer.
When buying a property, a buyer can book into an open viewing or request a viewing to see the property.

Book viewings online

Offr offre une alternative rapide et pratique d'organiser visionnements. En utilisant le livre bouton Offr un visuel ouvert ou privé, avec un seul clic. Vous recevrez un calendrier Google / Outlook inviter ainsi que des rappels, par e-mail.
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Legal documents can be accessed remotely via the Offr panel allowing buyers to review the documents anywhere in the world.

Access legal documents

Accéder à un projet de contrat de vente, plus la copie des titres de propriété dès qu'ils sont disponibles. Cela vous permettra effectuer tôt une diligence raisonnable sur la propriété. Une fois que l'offre est acceptée, le temps de l'échange des contrats se passera beaucoup plus rapide.
A buyer reviewing the bids on an agent's website, all bids are displayed on the Offr platform for transparency.

Make an offer, bid in an auction

Buyers can make private offers or bid in auctions through the Offr button on an agent's website. Agents can accept offers and digitally sign contracts all through this one little button.
Email reminder sent out to prospects and buyer about recent bids, viewings and legal document uploads.

Real-time insights

Recevez des alertes une fois visionnages demandé. confirmation en temps réel une fois les offres sont reçues. Suivre le processus juridique du début à la fin.
Buyers, all over the globe, can use Offr to purchase a property by  an online auction or private treaty sale.

Access the global market

Offr offre la commodité et la confiance pour les acheteurs mondiaux de rivaliser avec les marchés locaux, quel que soit l'emplacement, la langue ou la monnaie.

Bidding on your first property with Offr?

Make sure your first bidding experience is a success. Get prepared with some useful resources we've put together.

The buyers guide

Learn more about buying property through the Offr button.

Top tips for buying at an online auction

Top tips for bidding at an auction

My Offr

We know it can be difficult to keep on top of tasks and numerous documents all at once. That's why we have created My Offr for buyers - a visual dashboard that shows the progress of your bids, the status of legal documents & much more. Let us do the work for you.

https://cdn.offr.ioA laptop showing real-time information on the propert  keeping buyers up to date on the most recent activity.