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Personalise your auctions

Add the personal touch to online auctions by broadcasting directly to bidders during an auction to build momentum or address important questions.

host an online auction from your website and stream live to participates to create a personalised experience

Host an Auction

With the ability to broadcast your auction in real-time to anyone in the world, not only may potential buyers be watching, but also potential vendors.
Track all participates activity as they engage with offr panel before and during the online auction

Save time & money

Our broadcasting technology allows agents to add a bit more personality and guidance to online auctions. Greet buyers during the countdown and keep them engaged throughout. Buyers can tune in from the comfort of their own home and place bids or watch with no obligations. The closest you will ever get to an in-house auction.
the buyer's contact details are recorded in the admin area to allow agents to contact them about future properties

Generate Leads

An online auction is an opportunity for an agent to capture leads. Even if the bidders/viewers don't place a bid or win the auction – the agent knows that they are potential buyers.
agents can broadcast directly from the property to give interested parties a live viewing of the property

Live Walkthroughs (Coming Soon)

With Offr’s broadcasting feature you can delight buyers and sellers with a live walk through of a property. Talking them through the features of the house and offering a much more personalised experience.

Comment ça fonctionne

Through the Offr button on the agent's website, agents can provide a running commentary throughout an auction.

start a live broadcast by setting up a property on the offr platform

1. Set up a property.

Set up your auction property.

invite interested to the property to register to bid, download documents or view the live broadcast

2. Invite Buyers.

Invite buyers through the invite button on the property dashboard.

Email notifications are sent to the interested parties to remind them of upcoming dates and times for all sales

3. Email Invite.

Buyers will receive an email invite to the property on the Agent’s website.

Once the buyer has registered, the agent gives the buyer access to the broadcast by approving their documents.

4. Approve Buyers.

Verify each buyers documentation in advance of the Auction.

Simply click the TV button in the admin area to live stream to registered parties in the auction

5. Live broadcast

On the day of the auction click the TV icon to broadcast to all of the registered bidders.

request a demo to see the live broadcasting in operation

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