Taking your business from physical to digital

Let Offr help you continue supporting your business online. Bring customers to your website to bid, buy and complete the purchase, anytime, anywhere. See how the Offr button will look on your website.

Sehen Sie sich an, wie wir den Kauf und Verkauf von Immobilien verändern.

Offr nutzt eine innovative Technologie, mit der Käufer mit Docusign auf jedem beliebigen Gerät private Angebote abgeben, bei Auktionen bieten, Bücher anschauen, Zahlungsnachweise hochladen, Rechtsdokumente herunterladen und sogar Verträge digital unterzeichnen können.

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Become transactional

Transform your website from brochureware to a transactional site in a matter of minutes. With the Offr button on your website buyers can place offers, bid in auctions, all this through a simple button on your website!

Reduce sale process by up to 50%

  • PSA sent and signed electronically
  • KYC documents uploaded
  • Automated emails and responses
  • Sign contracts using Docusign
  • Real time dashboards to track progress

Generieren Sie globales Interesse

Allow vendors and purchasers to transact end to end, online, from anywhere in the world. Accessible 24/7, no need to wait for office hours to book a viewing, source a document or place an offer.

Our team is here to support you and your business.

Learn how to host an Auction on your own website or sell a property, end to end using digital technologies such as DocuSign, Stripe and AWS.

Through the Offr platform you can run your business from anywhere!


Offr is for everybody


- Make offers and track your purchase
- Real-time notifications for new offers
- Access to legal documents

Estate Agents

- Close deals quicker
- Differentiate your offering
- Reach a global market


- End to end transactional platform
- Secure online document vault
- Makes it easier to collaborate


- Achieve market value
- Reduce time to completion
- Fair and transparent process

Offr Panel

The Offr button sits on an agent's website and launches a panel which allows potential buyers to bid in Auctions, make offers on properties, book viewings, upload proof of ID and download legal documents.

Offr Mobile

Bieten Sie einen Premium-Service für alle.

Verkäufer können den Verkauf ihres Eigentums in Echtzeit auf persönlichen Dashboards verfolgen. Käufer werden sofort über alle Angebote, bevorstehenden Besichtigungen und aktualisierten rechtlichen Dokumente informiert. Die Agenten bleiben mit den unterbietenden Anbietern in Verbindung und halten die Dynamik aufrecht.

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Ronald Quinlan

Offr will speed the process up in advance and hopefully eliminate the time wasters and time wasting that seem inextricably linked to the property selling process.

BV Commercial

Offr brings efficiency and speed to property transactions which means everyone involved has a good experience and facilitates the end goal, faster. The support offered from all the staff is exceptional and the Offr team provide users the security of knowing that any queries or questions will be dealt with instantly.

The Irish Independent

Last week also saw the launch of Offr, which is an online platform designed to make the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties faster and more transparent.

Sunday Business Post

In a sector stymied by trust and transparency issues, Offr, a new Irish prop-tech start-up, is set to revolutionise the way we buy and sell property in Ireland.

Artis Real Estate

Offr is an absolute game changer for the property industry, it brings speed, transparency, and flexibility to the property sales process.

The Pat Kenny Show

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives, even housing auctions. Offr is a new online platform that aims to speed up the housing and property market.

Irish Daily Mirror

The property market is set for a shake-up thanks to new technology revealed yesterday. The consumer platform, called Offr, has been developed to provide a more transparent experience.

Sunday Times

Robert Hoban is behind Offr, 'a rapidly scaling disruptive start-up, which is set to transform the entire process of buying and selling property in Ireland and UK'.


Hoban made the decision to strike out on his own and the result is Offr, a software solution that bridges the gap between agents and buyers online.

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