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A one stop shop for your property purchase. Search properties, book viewings, make offers and track your purchase, right through to completion.

Transparent Offer Process

Learn to trust the property buying process. Buyers are vetted in advance, by the agent

Provides real time alerts, once an offer is received. This technology allows buyers to transact in a much more transparent manner.

Legal Document Access

For such an important decision, all of the essential information should be available, upfront

Offr allows access to legal documents in advance of making an offer. This minimises risk and saves time.

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Book Viewings Online

Create viewings, quickly and efficiently.

Offr understands that everyone is busy. Simply select a time that suits you from the calendar and book with one click.

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Seamless and Less Stressful

Offr has harnessed technology to modernise the conveyancing process

Track progress through your dashboard. Receive real time alerts when a task is complete. Transfer funds securely online.

Purchase Property from Anywhere

Busy schedules and different time zones should not mean missing an opportunity.

Offr is accessible 24/7, from any location. No need to wait for office hours to book a viewing, source a document or place an offer.

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