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For years we have asked ourselves…

Why does buying and selling property take so long, why is it so uncertain and why is it so stressful? The fact is, the stress, uncertainty and longevity of buying and selling property are just products of an outdated, yet somehow accepted system.

One platform for everyone

Proudly bringing the world's first end to end, open offer solution for buyers, sellers, agents and solicitors to the Irish market.

Meet our Founders

We assembled a team of property insiders and technology outsiders, in partnership with progressive agents, who want to help bring positive change to the way property is transacted.
“We are changing the way people buy and sell property for the better. We wish to transform the way estate agents do business, to digitise the legal process and to revolutionise how banks lend to their customers. The solution is Offr“
“The real magic of Offr is it gives everyone from agents to buyers, sellers, mortgage lenders and solicitors solutions to the current property transaction issues.“
“Our team have worked tirelessly over the past year creating website functionality for buyers and sellers of property that does everything other platforms do not.“

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If working towards change for the better is going to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning, we should talk. We are a team of inspiring, motivated doers dedicated to championing the property industry with technology. Join the Offr team.

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