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If you are buying or selling a property you will need to engage a solicitor. See our list of solicitors who are already using Offr. Don't worry if your solicitor isn't listed. They can sign up at any stage to use the service.

Patrick J. Farrell & Co. Solicitors
Mason Hayes Curran Solicitors
Keating Connolly Sellors Solicitors
Patrick F. O'Reilly & Co. Solicitors
Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company Solicitors
Mullins & Treacy Solicitors (Waterford)
Paul W. Keogh & Co Solicitors
PB Cunningham & Company Solicitors
Cathal N. Young, O'Reilly & Co.
Notley Solicitors (incorp. Jane Mathews Solicitors)
J.D. Scanlon & Company Solicitors
Alastair Purdy & Co. Solicitors