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Properties sell faster with the Offr button on the Agent's website!

Offr's innovative technology increases certainty of sale and reduces time to completion. So when you're looking for an agent to sell your property make sure they are using Offr so you can get the best price from the right buyer, transparently and efficiently.

What is the offr button?

Offr is a button that sits on the Estate agent's website. Buyers can place offers through this button. Attorneys can upload or review the contract and legal documents and sellers get their own personalised dashboard outlining everything that is happening every step of the way.

https://cdn.offr.ioDesktop view of a property being sold by auction, the seller has full visibility of all offers placed on a property.

How Offr is helping the selling process

A vendor selling a property faster through Offr, the private treaty sale was 50% faster online.

Properties sell faster

On average it takes over six months to sell a house. Offr has digitised the everyday manual tasks, resulting in the selling period being reduced by up to 50%.
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A desktop view of the vendors account which shows real-time information about the property their selling by auction.

Real-time insights

Sellers receive alerts when offers are received and when viewings are booked. You can also track the legal process from start to finish.
Selling property online opens the door to a global market and greater investment.

Access to global market

Agents reach is extended by having the Offr button. Now buyers can place offers on your property from anywhere in the world irrespective of location, language or currency.
Prospects participating in a conditional sale, are fully vetted, allowing the seller to choose the most suitable buyer.

Secure the best offer

Your agent can choose not only the highest offer but the one that is best for you. With Offr you can see offers in real time and the funding position of each of the buyers.
A seller collaborating with the agent to sell their property, they will have full visibility of activity on the property.

Open collaboration

The Offr button connects everyone together providing much needed transparency. This connectivity promotes accountability, allowing you to have full visibility in the sale of your property every step of the way.

Selling your first property with Offr?

Get prepared for your sale with some useful resources we've put together.

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