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Share property brochures

Let buyers download property brochures, floorplans and more from your website with just one tap and understand levels of interest.

companies such as matterport and eye-spy 360 can integrate with the offr platform to allow buyers to view the property

All media in one place

Integrate property brochures and any other essential documents in one place that’s easy to find.
Group all your media for easy consumption while purchasers are browsing the property virtually online

Analyse interest

Understand customer intent by knowing how many times a document has been downloaded.

How it works

When setting up a property in Admin, just upload the brochure or document that you want to share with buyers.

simply set up a property in your offr account by inputting the general information about the property

1. Set up property

When setting up a property, images & documents can be added when entering the general information.

while setting up the property include the link the 360 virtual tour

2. Go to general

At the end of the form, ‘Agent documents’ click browse, select the documents you want to display and click save.

Save the property and change the status to 'For Sale' to activate the Offr panel and the step inside tour.

3. Check the Docs tab

When the property is set live, go to the Offr button on the your website to see the brochure.

start by requesting a demo of the offr panel to see how you can integrate you step inside 360 tours

Start driving customers to your website today!

To learn more about this feature please click below to book a slot.