Frequently Asked Questions

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Please check your inbox if it is not there check your spam or junk folder.
Check to see if you are logged in? Reload the page and look for the green dot on the user icon. If you are still having an issue check to see if you have 3rd party cookies disabled?
Chrome users, click on the 3 dots on the top right. Click settings/Site settings/Cookies and site data/Block 3rd party cookies. Safari users, click safari/preferences/privacy uncheck “block all cookies” Edge users, go to settings/advanced settings/cookies select “don’t block cookies”, refresh page
You will receive an email letting you know that your card has been pre authed.
Your deposit will be refunded immediately post auction.
Go to the Agent’s website. Click on the property that you are interested in. The Offr button should be on the bottom right corner. Click it to open the pane
If you want to bid online, but can't be there to monitor the auction, use AutoBid. Just enter your maximum price when bidding, and AutoBid will bid on your behalf.