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Benefits of Offr for Residential Agents

Bring customers to your website

Offr enables buyers to make private offers, bid in auctions, book viewings, upload proof of funds, download legal documents and even digitally sign contracts using Docusign - and all through a button that will sit directly on your site.

Show off your brand

The Offr button is completely customisable. Allowing you to showcase your brand, your colours and your currency on any device.

Build Connections

Offr breaks down the barriers between every stakeholder, allowing transparent collaboration and seamless communication.

Supported Transaction Types

Choose Private Treaty, Auction or Sealed Bids. Too early to decide? Offr provides the flexibility for you to determine what works best. Start by Private Treaty, assess the level of interest, and switch to Auction or Sealed Bids to close the sale

Certainty Of Sale

Proof of funds in advance, contracts and title in advance, deposit in advance; binding, digitally signed contract in seconds. What’s not to like?

Data Loop

No more 'black hole' of information, no more wondering, chasing, tearing hair out. Provide instant information to your buyers and sellers and recieve instant information from solicitors.

Automated alerts and emails

Replace hundreds of man-hours of repetitive manual communications. Allowing you to win more business, meet more people and value more properties.

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Getting started with Offr is simple and to ensure that you get the most out of our platform we are offering the first month for free.

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