Article - We’ve Redesigned the Offr Platform With You in Mind
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We’ve Redesigned the Offr Platform With You in Mind

Today is an exciting day at Offr, as we just released a redesign of our platform.

Offr, as we like to say, is a software used to turn an agent's visual site to transactional. It is designed to help agents manage their workflows, sell property on their own website and to speed up the time it takes to sell a property. In other words, it's the best way to capture leads and to make the sales process more personal. Our platform takes the hassle out of sending mundane email reminders, engages solicitors from the very start and intuitively front-loads other activities. Offr brings all parties together in one central hub and allows you to use their unity to drive sales efforts. Below is a snapshot of what we’ve released:

  1. Your personal profile is located at the top right corner.
  2. The left hand navigation has been condensed to 4 links making it easier for you to find what you need.
  3. The property dashboard has a much more simplified layout allowing you to add your clients and stakeholders.
  4. We have updated the property list to reflect the key statuses of the property sales process. This is now configurable so you can update these at any stage to suit what you want to monitor.
  5. Best of all, we now show the urgent actions, helping you to quickly focus on the pressing tasks.

Here is a quick review of each page in the navigation bar (On the left).

The Dashboard page on Offr

Our customer's experience and feedback have been at the heart of what we do. Estate agents need the data and tools to help optimise their sales channels, we have re-designed the Offr dashboard to ensure you have the best experience possible. The dashboard is now a medium for agents to get a quick overview of what their pipeline looks for the month. You will also be able to see which properties might be under performing, to allow you to pay more attention to those. Your time is precious by using the dashboard you will spend less time in our platform, you'll have more time to execute the insights and create a more personalised experience.

Adding a property on Offr

Through the properties tab, you can add a property to the platform. Use the plus symbol in the top right corner to start filling in the general information about the property. Once you've completed, click save. Nine new tabs will appear across the page, these are:

  1. Dashboard - Get a quick overview of how the property is performing and recent activity. From the dashboard, you can send out contracts.
  2. General - Relevant information to describe the property.
  3. Sale - Set out the sale details including the timeline, offers and agent fees.
  4. Seller - Invite the vendor and their solicitor to collaborate on the property.
  5. Buyers - View all bids/ offers made on a property, including the conditions buyers have answered to register.
  6. Viewings - Schedule an open viewing for the property for a specific date and time.
  7. Vault - View the documentation the vendor's solicitor has uploaded to the property.
  8. External - Link Offr to the property by copy & pasting the URL into the internal tab.
  9. Permissions - Assign people to the property. These people will receive email notifications about the important activity on the property.

The activity page on Offr

A full list of the latest activity on each property. If you need further information, you can click into the property by clicking on the property address.


Your settings are extremely important, it not only where you describe your business, but you can also create a widget, PSA document and set buying conditions. Start by completing your account settings, here you can fill in the general information about your business, if you wish to take deposits by credit/ debit card through Offr, you must set up a Stripe account. Click the button below to integrate your accounts.

If you want your bank details in the contracts, enter them into the fields under the banking details tab.To brand all the email notifications and the panel which sits on your website, navigate to the branding page, from here you will be able to design both based on the colours from your logo or thousands of Hex/ Pantone colour.

Design your PSA through templates, fill in the required fields and click save. The PSA document will appear in the documents module for each property. Once you're happy with the document, press send. Set out what criteria you would like potential buyers to complete before placing their offer. The information gathered can prove invaluable when you're selecting the successful buyer.

If you are happy to proceed after the one-month free trial, you should enter your payment information into the billings page. If you don't, the platform will not function correctly.

Do you have multiple people login into the account? Add them as a user through the Admin page.

Take a look our new design

It takes a couple of clicks to sign in to view the new design. your interest . Or call us direct on 076 888 6888