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The Quickest way
to complete a sale

End to end transactional platform. Makes it easier to collaborate with sellers and buyers, secure new clients. Reduce admin tasks and grow your practice.

Technology enhanced tools to reduce lengthy conveyancing process by up to 50%

  • Full data room for private treaty sales
  • Source information required to prepare contract much sooner
  • Reduce average completion times
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Secure additional instructions

Track Live Progress and Historical Transactions

Identify potential legal issues before they impact the transaction process to help save significant time in the later stages and increase certainty of completion. Your dedicated Offr dashboard will provide you with a task list and send time real alerts.

Secure Online Document Vault

Upload documents quickly and securely. Ensure that each key stakeholder has access to contracts, prior to the sale being agreed.

Communication & Accountability

We provide you with dashboards to connect you with your client, realtors and other attorneys to secure a quicker completion. See task lists and what items are outstanding and receive instant confirmation once a task is complete.

Offr Time Benefits

Pipeline Growth

Pipeline Growth Offr's technology provides solutions to significantly reduce the average transaction time. Allows attorney to increase individual case volume. Offr provides you with the tools to increase deliverability and help grow your practice.

Click & Go

Your client will send you an invite to access your Offr dashboard. You will not require training or support, Simply accept the invite and follow the instructions.

One Location

Offr's technology will bring every party involved in the conveyancing process together to collaborate transparently and seamlessly.

Your Document Vault

The missing link in the property conveyancing process.

For the first time, Offr opens up the entire property market to this technology by providing an online data room for every property, irrespective of value or method of sale. Now buyers can make more informed offers, which in turn leads to less fall through and greater certainty of sale and the entire conveyancing process can be tracked and managed from start to finish

Once a sale is agreed further technology is used to enhance the conveyancing process into a seamless, collaborative process where everyone is accountable.

The legal document vault gives attorneys the ability to upload legal documents at the pre marketing stage. Buyers can access the documents prior to making an offer. Sellers and agents receive instant notifications.

  • Access to legal documents before making an offer.
  • More informed offers.
  • Track all legal document activity.
  • Track all communications.
  • Digitise the conveyancing process.
  • Collaborative and accountable.


Now you can quickly adapt to the significant and increasing need for modernisation. The legal documents vault is fast, secure and enables you advise your client from an earlier stage.


Offr gives you upfront access to legal information before making an offer. This means you can make more informed decisions and less risk of wasting time and money.


Conveyancing technology to help streamline your workflows, save time on administrative tasks and help identify issues before they impact the sales progress.

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