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Offer Panel

Finally a solution to bring confidence and trust to the property market.

A simple tool to revolutionise the way we buy and sell property

  • Fair and transparent competition.
  • Real time notifications on offers made.
  • Solutions for agents duty of care.
  • Realise real market value.
  • Bring sustained confidence to the market.

Now property can be bought and sold properly

The offer panel allows property to be sold in an open and fair competitive environment.

Buyers are able to make offers at anytime from any where and be immediately notified of counter offers and the amounts to ensure they never miss an opportunity.

For agents and sellers, the offer panel updates them in real time to ensure everyone is kept up to date and informed throughout the process.

How it Works:

When first making an offer, the buyer will be asked to upload proof of fund status and identity for the agent to review and approve accordingly. Once the buyer receives an email of acceptance they can begin the offer process.

The buyer simply inputs their offer and the agent and seller receives instant notification that an offer has been placed. When subsequent offers are made on the property the buyer is also notified to ensure they don't miss out on an opportunity.

This technology brings much needed trust and confidence to the property sales process.

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Transparent offers benefits everyone

For Buyers

Giving you a transparent and fair process. Now you can know exactly what your competition is doing and willing to pay. The offer platform can help ensure that the price you pay, is genuine market value.

Benefits for Buyers

For Sellers

Offer gives you the much needed confidence in your estate agent to realise your property’s full potential.
Now you can sell your property for it’s real, full market value through open and transparent competition.

Benefits for Sellers

For Estate Agents

Now you can prove the real market value has been achieved through open and transparent competition and establish best practice for your level of service.

Benefits for Estate Agents

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