How to Register for Auction

You have found a property that you are interested in.

In just a few short steps you can create an account, register to bid and bid in an Auction.

Create an Account

Go to the Offr panel on the property page and Sign up to create an account. You will need this to access the legal documents or book a viewing for the property.

Confirm your email by clicking on the link that we send you. This will return you to the property page on the Agent’s site.

Register to Bid

Click on each item in the list, and follow the simple instructions for each. You will be asked to upload documents, register a payment method, provide details of your solicitor, and agree to the terms and conditions

When uploading documents, you can use the camera on your phone or upload documents from your computer.

Choose your Payment Method

A bidding deposit is required to participate in the auction. If successful this is deducted from the overall deposit that is required on winning the Auction.

When selecting a payment method, there are three options:

  1. Pay by manual method - This means you intend to make your own arrangements to pay the estate agent outside of the Offr platform.
  2. Pay by credit/debit card - Please confirm the card you wish to use. The card will not be charged until the specified time prior to the start of the auction.
NOTE: We only preauth your card so you can participate in the Auction. No monies will be withdrawn unless you are the successful bidder.

Add your Solicitor

Your solicitor’s details are required in the event that you are the successful bidder. If you succeed we will send the Contract to your Solicitor via DocuSign.

Review and Continue

Once everything is complete please agree to the Terms and Conditions and Register to Bid.

Application pending

The Agent will receive an email notifying them of your application. Once they approve your application through the Offr system. You will automatically receive an email confirming that your registration has been approved.

This will also be updated in the Offr Panel on the Agent’s site. If there are any issues they will contact you directly.

Placing a Bid

Our real-time auctions use a bidding countdown clock. Look out for the clock at the top of the Offr panel. It will let you know when the Auction is going to start. Once the Auction opens the clock will display how much time is left until the Auction closes. If no one bids after the clock expires, the final bid is awarded the property.

If a bid is placed within the last 60 seconds the clock will reset allowing a further 60 seconds of bidding. This is known as an Extension Period and will continue to happen until a full 60 seconds has passed. All bids are recorded and visible within the bidding panel on your screen. Bidder names are not displayed to protect your privacy.

Each property has a reserve price which means that the property cannot be sold for less than this. A guide price will be set by the agent. This is the opening bid amount for that property. Default Bidding amounts are set by the Agent. For example €500, €1000, €2000 etc.

Auction complete

Once the bidding has closed we will contact you immediately to let you know you that you have been successful. Contracts will be executed and shared with all parties via DocuSign.

You will need to pay a 10% deposit within 2 working days. Your bidding deposit will be included as part of this 10%.

For example: Property sells for €400,000. 10% deposit is required = €40,000. Bidding deposit already paid €5,000. Amount due: €35,000

Access Legal Docs

All Legal documentation will be uploaded by the seller’s solicitor in advance of the Auction.

Step 1: Click Legal tab in our Offr Panel. When the seller’s solicitor has uploaded the legal documents, you can download them individually or click Download All.