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Loch Logan Waterfront Mall, Cnr Henry Street & 1st Avenue, Westdene, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Retail | Tender



Discover Loch Logan Waterfront Mall: The Epitome of Bloemfontein Elegance!

Nestled at the heart of Bloemfontein, Loch Logan Waterfront Mall stands as an iconic and incomparable retail masterpiece of 80,187.89m². Boasting a prime location, this magnificent property is the heartbeat of the city, drawing in visitors from all corners with its undeniable allure.

A Retailer's Dream: The Perfect Mix

Step inside to find a brilliant tenant mix, meticulously curated with major anchor tenants and esteemed national brands. Loch Logan Waterfront Mall showcases an exceptional collection of retailers, elevating the shopping experience to new heights.

Flourishing Trade: A Symbol of Success

Gleaming with prosperity, Loch Logan Waterfront Mall is a testament to its thriving success. Continuously flourishing, this sought-after retail haven sets the standard for commerce in Bloemfontein, reaffirming its status as a paramount investment opportunity.

A Tapestry of History: A Symbolic Landmark

Enriched with history, this remarkable mall weaves a captivating narrative that echoes through the town. Embracing its heritage, Loch Logan Waterfront Mall remains an integral part of Bloemfontein's identity, transcending time and anchoring itself in the hearts of its residents.

A Serene Oasis: A Lakefront Shopping Experience

Embracing nature's beauty, the mall's architecture gracefully embraces a tranquil lake, bestowing an unparalleled allure upon visitors. This unique feature adds an air of sophistication, making Loch Logan Waterfront Mall the epitome of retail excellence in Bloemfontein. Indulge in an extraordinary shopping experience where legacy meets modernity, and every moment sparks joy. Loch Logan Waterfront Mall, your gateway to a world of elegance and retail wonder, awaits your presence.

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