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Get your competitive edge

Auctions run securely on the estate agents website. Bidders can join and bid from anywhere around the world. Sellers can view the auction on their mobile from the comfort of their own home

A record breaking auction during Covid-19

Check out the record breaking auction held by Sherry Fitzgerald - powered by Offr

How Offr is helping agents host their own auctions

The offr online bidding panel displaying the most recent bids on a property in Dublin, Ireland.

Save money

With the Offr button, the auction is run directly on the agent's website. Removing the need for expensive conference rooms and promotional material.
A desktop view of the simple form that is filled out to set a property on the online bidding platform.


An auction is quick to set up and it does not require multiple lots or a volume of properties. Auctions can be ran individually. Allowing agent's to focus fully on all of the bidders ensuring that everything is in place.
The agent reviewing the buyers Proof of ID and Address before allowing them access to the auction.

Know your customer checks

Gather all essential information in advance. Know your customer and AML checks can be done at any stage before the Auction. Bidders can upload Proof of ID, Funds and Address.
An email reminder opened in Gmail, informing the agent of new bids and booked viewings.

ειδοποιήσεις σε πραγματικό χρόνο

Bidders will receive notification reminders before and during the auction ensuring that they don't miss out on the auction or placing a bid. This also serves as a digital log for the agent.
Live stream to your bidders to build momentum towards the end of an auction or communicate an important message.

Personal touch

Try Offr's live broadcast feature. Speaking live to all registered participants before, during and at the end of the auction.
An agent monitoring bids and bidders to make sure all participants are online during an online auction.

Monitor offers

This is where the excitement kicks in. Watch bids come in. Ensure that all of the bidders are online and ready. A bidding extension can be added to allow those final bids to come in.
Deposits being collected through an online payment gateway before the auction starts.


Accept secure payment of deposits through Stripe directly into your account and when the auction is over contracts can be digitally signed using DocuSign.

How it works

Placing offers with Offr is easy.

https://cdn.offr.ioA property being set up for online auction on the Offr platform.

1. Set up a property

Add a new property to your dashboard in just a few minutes.

https://cdn.offr.ioA starting price, reserve price and timeline being set during the set up of a property before the auction day.

2. Set key sale details

Auction start date and time, guide and reserve price and registration deposit can be added. These can be changed at anytime before the Auction.

https://cdn.offr.ioThe solicitor being invited well in advance of the auction day to allows prospects enough time to review legal documents.

3. Connect vendor & solicitor

Invite the vendor, and vendor's solicitor, each have their own dashboards. Documents are uploaded and tracked and real time updates can be seen 24/7.

https://cdn.offr.ioBuyers being quickly invited directly to the property on the agent's website.

4. Invite & approve buyers

As you receive enquiries by phone or email, send a quick invite with a link to the auction. Now bidders can book a viewing, access legal documents and register to bid.

https://cdn.offr.ioThe timer running down on the lead up to the auction, once the timer runs out the auction begins.

5. Auction begins

The timer on the Offr panel counts down to the start time. No offers can be placed in advance. Once the auction opens the auction can be viewed through the frontend or through admin.

https://cdn.offr.ioA bidding extension can be added to allow all bidders the oppurtunity to place a counter bid.

6. Bidding extension

Bidding extension functionality is in place so in the event that a bid is placed within the last 60 seconds the clock will reset - allowing a further 60 seconds of bidding

https://cdn.offr.ioThe agent sending out the contracts immediately after the auction to the successful bidder.

7. Contracts

The winning bidder will be required to pay the remaining deposit. All registration fees will be returned. Contracts can be signed and witnessed from any location, on any device, using the world's leading, most accepted & trusted digital signature within the legal profession.

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Are you hosting your first online auction?

Here are some best practices we have put together to ensure you get the most out of the Offr platform.

Setting timelines

We recommend that you set timelines when the property goes live.

Set applicant questions

Discover more about prospective buyers before they place an offer.

Read more about strategies & tips

Bidding on your first property at auction?

Get prepared with our top tips on what you will need to do before and after the auction.

Get your finances in order

We strongly recommend that you have your finances in place prior to bidding.

Organize a survey

If you wish to have a structural survey carried out, you must do so before you bid at auction

An auction sale is legally binding

On the fall of the hammer a contract exists and the successful bidder will have to pay 10 percent of the property price immediately.

What agents are saying...

Eamon O'Flaherty

We were unsure how business would continue during Covid-19. How would this new normal work? Would customers buy properties online, end to end? We trialled our first Auction with Offr during this time and the sale was a huge success. The Offr team was there on hand the whole time ensuring that everything went smoothly. We have run several auctions since and all with great success and we hope to run many more in the future.

Eamon O'Flaherty
Sherry Fitzgerald Brady O'Flaherty, Kildare
Stephen Grace

We can’t wait to start using Offr. Everyone at Kingshills believes that online auctions are open and transparent and cuts out a lot of the delays that we see when a property sale takes place. This way of selling also helps clients that need to sell quickly and securely for whatever reason. We already have two clients wanting to sell this way as time is of the essence for them

Stephen Grace
Raymond Potterton

We are delighted with the service you provided in a difficult time frame on a relatively complex sale. It went very well due to your constant backup support and speed of turnaround. The price achieved was exceptional and our client is very happy.

Raymond Potterton
Raymond Potterton

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