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2 bedroom apartment for sale in Quigney, 1ET1656728

Apartment | Sale



This apartment in Quigney sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and its unique features make it quite appealing. Here's a breakdown of its key selling points:

Prime Location in Quigney: Quigney's location, with beautiful views of the ocean and the esplanade, adds a touch of luxury and tranquility to the property.

Investment Potential: Emphasizing its potential as an investment property is crucial, especially with its proximity to the university, public sector offices, and convenient transportation options. Investors often seek properties in strategic locations with high rental demand. Two Bedroom Unit: The two-bedroom layout is ideal for individuals or couples, making it a versatile space suitable for various demographics.

Open Plan Design: The open-plan design is a modern and popular feature, creating a sense of spaciousness and flexibility in the living area.

Two Balconies with Ocean Views: The presence of two balconies overlooking the sea is a standout feature, offering residents a chance to enjoy the stunning views and fresh air.

Immaculate Condition: The fact that the apartment is in immaculate condition suggests that potential buyers or investors won't need to invest in immediate repairs or renovations.

Ready for Tenancy: Highlighting that the apartment is ready for a tenant to move in is a significant advantage, especially for those looking for a property with quick occupancy.

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